When the pandemic arrived in Calgary in March 2020, the Centre shifted its means of service delivery entirely from face-to-face meetings (on site) to Internet-based virtual meetings (by telephone or Zoom). In July 2020 a limited number of face-to-face meetings resumed on Fridays with careful COVID precautions in place (click here to see Guidelines). However, the vast majority of therapeutic interviews continue to take place via Zoom. After booking an appointment the therapist sends the family one or more confidential Zoom links to connect online (click here to see Consent).


The Centre now offers 2 alternative streams of family therapy services: a regular track and a limited fast track. We will invite you and your family to help us determine the best alternative for your family. After having called our office requesting services, you will receive an intake call from one of our staff clinicians, who will ask about your current concerns, and will assist you in choosing one of these two tracks. 

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